Two-way Empowerment:
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Give and Gain in Tech. Join our Mentorship Platform to shape careers, foster growth, and amplify your opportunities.

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About the program

We invite women from all around the globe to join a vibrant community, find support and encouragement for the journey in tech, and to build an inclusive and visionary future for the industry. Women in Tech® Mentorship, powered by OneUpOneDown, is a unique mentorship experience designed to support women in their journey as leaders.

The mentorship experience is focused on developing career-specific skills and empowering women to build confidence, communicate effectively, and pursue opportunities. Participants will gain valuable mentorship skills that can be applied in everyday life to improve leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Our mentorship platform features user-friendly resources to support mentors and mentees throughout the program.

Mentor matching for women in business and technology fields.

Our mentor matching method provides ongoing transformational learning and development experiences for women in business and technology fields.

We have designed our programs with the idea of ‘giving and receiving’ whereby women can give and receive mentorship simultaneously. As people, we have an innate desire to give back, but we also have a desire to learn, so we’re offering the opportunity to do both.

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We make near-peer mentor matches to enable transformational growth.

Near-peer mentorship is where mentors are just a couple of life stages ahead of mentees. This form of mentoring results in highly relevant advice and enhances both the mentor and mentee’s ability to relate to one another. Each match lasts three months so mentor and mentee can work together over time to create a trusted relationship and experience outcomes together.

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Mentorship made easy.

It can be to find the person you need in your life to guide you, and who you can support with your experience. We make this process easy by proposing the most suitable mentor or mentee in our network at a given time, taking into consideration your professional and personal learning experience and needs.

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The benefits of being a Mentor

Expand your impact through mentorship. Support other women and in doing so develop yourself to new levels.

Give back

The satisfaction that comes from giving back.

New perspective

It’s an opportunity to learn about yourself and areas you may still need to develop.

Appreciate your value

Deeper appreciation for the value you have to offer

Improved communication

Mentoring gives you the opportunity to practice taking your internal knowledge and verbally communicating it.

Developed leadership skills

Supporting others to make effective decisions and take action are important principles in leadership.

Authentic relationships

The longer-term result of a great short term mentor-mentee match is often a lasting friendship.

Trusted by over 1000 mentors and mentees all over the world

We make near-peer mentor matches to enable transformational growth.

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“My mentor was relatable and authentic, she exceeded all my expectations. From all sessions we had, I took away a lot of wisdom nuggets that will set my life in motion for a long time.“
Ann Chow
Mentor & Mentee

Women in Tech® Mentoring Membership

For only 9 Euro per Month, discover a life-changing mentorship journey and be a mentor, mentee or both.